Dog Missing Nearly A Year Reunites With Owner

After nearly a year on the run, a dog has been reunited with his owner. Last Thanksgiving, Kate Olson was visiting family in the St. Louis area when Walter, her anxious golden retriever, slipped out of his collar and took off. She stayed in town for weeks putting up fliers and searching for him, but had no luck.

Kate eventually returned home to New Hampshire and created a Where’s Walter?” Facebook page to try to find her beloved dog. She got a few calls and even went back to St. Louis in January to continue the search. Then almost a year later on November 13th, Walter was captured in the woods behind an industrial park by a volunteer group, Lost Paws Trapping.

She hopped on the next flight and finally got Walter back. “He’s been such a little love,” Kate says. “He’s the same sweet boy he was before and maybe even sweeter because he has missed getting loved on.”

Source: KSDK