Family Moves From Shed To Home Thanks To Kid’s Plant Biz

A family in East Los Angeles has moved out of a shed they were living in and into an apartment, thanks to their eight-year-old, Aaron Moreno. The boy started his own plant business, Aaron’s Garden, earlier this year when his single mom lost her job because of the pandemic. He wanted to help her make ends meet because they were struggling financially and his hard work has made a big difference in their lives.

Aaron saved up from his business and his mom, Berenice Pacheco, found a part-time job, plus a family friend started a GoFundMe page to help them get back on their feet. This trifecta was enough for the family of four to move into an apartment, buy a car and some furniture for their new home. They were also able to bring back their oldest daughter, who had been living with her grandparents in Mexico because of financial struggles.

“I feel happier because we don’t have to struggle as much as before,” Aaron says.

Source: ABC 7