Brad Pitt’s Epic Prank On George Clooney Revealed

Brad Pitt got George Clooney good when they were filming “Ocean’s Twelve” in Italy back in the day. In a recent interview with “GQ,” the actor dishes on the epic prank Pitt pulled on him… which almost turned Clooney’s longtime neighbors against him.

The 2004 heist flick was partially shot in Clooney’s hometown of Lake Como. While he lived there for years, Pitt managed to convince locals – including the local paper – that Clooney had grown into a major diva by posting fliers around warning the town of Clooney’s arrival for the movie… complete with some eye roll-worthy requests, like, “please only address George Clooney as Mr Clooney or his character name of Danny Ocean and don’t look him right in the eyes.”

But Clooney ended up getting Pitt back, revealing he once bet the actor and Don Cheadle $10K to stay overnight in a supposedly “haunted” house across the lake from his Lake Como home. He made up a story about “how haunted it was,” and they agreed to the challenge… but apparently didn’t last that long, soon calling Clooney saying, “F**k that, get us out of this house!”

Source: GQ