FL Man Gives Car To Substitute Teacher In Need

Cory Schneider didn’t need his grandma’s 1997 Ford Crown Victoria anymore, so the 34-year-old decided to pay it forward. The St. Petersburg, Florida, man turned to Reddit to see if anyone was in need of a free car with 100-thousand miles on it. “D*mn good physical appearance for a 24-year-old car,” he writes in the post.

He says he received around 20 direct messages within a few days, with many people sharing that they were dealing with tough times because of COVID. Schneider soon decided that Mark Selby, a substitute teacher, was the lucky recipient. While Schneider made it clear that the car’s new owner would be responsible for the cost of the title transfer and registration, another Reddit user stepped up and left $400 in the glove box to cover those fees for Selby!

“When I first got the call, I felt like I was going to cry,” Selby said. “I have been so stressed out lately.” Now he hopes that he can pay this act of kindness forward one day himself.

Source: Tampa Bay Times