Korean War Vet Buys Hundreds Of Meals For Hunger Relief Drive

A supermarket chain’s food drive got a big boost from an elderly man in Raeford, North Carolina. He walked into a Food Lion store and headed straight for the customer service counter, pulled out his checkbook and got to giving.

The 91-year-old donated $15-hundred to the store’s “Holidays Without Hunger” program and also wrote a $500 check for 100 pre-packaged meal boxes, also part of the program, that will be donated to local food banks. His gift is the largest single donation by an individual in the program’s 17-year-history.

Store manager Charles Campbell says the generosity caught him off guard and he asked the man what his motivation was to give. He explained that he spent two years as a prisoner of war in the Korean War and was rarely fed. He told Campbell that he knew what it’s like to not know where the next meal is coming from, or when. He also said he wants to remain anonymous, adding, “I’m not doing this for any publicity or recognition. I just plain and simple don’t want people to be hungry.”

Source: CNN