Man With Cancer Credits Volunteer For Saving Life During Pandemic

Thanks to a grassroots volunteer organization, Beth Eiglarsh and Sean Noreiga have become friends. They met through Pandemic of Love, which connects people in need with people who can help. She’s a mom from Hollywood, Florida, and he’s a former New York City school teacher who stopped working after being diagnosed with throat cancer and now they talk every day.

Sean has fallen on hard times this year and Beth was supposed to help him with buying groceries. In one huge 40-pound package of food she sent, she included some money, which he used to go to a doctor appointment he’d been putting off because he couldn’t afford it. And it turns out, Sean’s doctor found something else at that appointment, which he wouldn’t have known about without Beth’s generous gift.

Now Sean credits her with saving his life. “Realistically, if it were not for Beth’s help, I probably would not be healthy enough to sit here and talk to you,” he explains. “When I say she saved my life, I don’t take that figuratively. I mean she literally did.”

Source: CBS News