Customers Surprise UPS Driver With Money For New Roof

A UPS driver in Clayton, Missouri was blown away by an act of kindness from her customers. Carolyn Crump has been delivering for the company for 23 years and she’s gotten to know the people on her route, as well as their pets and kids. And when she recently mentioned to customer Jason Lehtman that she was looking to get a new roof next summer, he had an idea to help her out sooner.

Lehtman works in roofing, so he got an estimate put together, then started a GoFundMe for the cost. Neighbors in the community chipped in and they’d raised thousands of dollars in just a few days. Then they Crump blindfolded to a nearby park and a crowd of 60 customers surprised her with a check for the cost of the new roof, plus a little extra for bills and Christmas.

“Every single person can give you a story where (Crump has) gone above and beyond, like bringing up groceries when someone’s arm was broken,” Lehtman said. “She’s got a heart of gold. That’s the type of person she is.”

Source: St. Louis Post-Dispatch