The Top Christmas Trends For 2020

While Christmas 2020 may not include the huge family bashes most folks are used to, that doesn’t mean people aren’t getting into the holiday spirit. And when it comes to celebrating, a whole new host of holiday trends seem to be on the rise, so if you want to keep up with the Joneses you may want to listen up.

This year’s hot Christmas trends include:

  • CharcuterWreaths – Why put out a regular trey of meats and cheeses, when you can arrange your charcuterie board into a festival holiday wreath.
  • Baby Yoda Tree Topper – While a star or an angel on top of the tree is beautiful and traditional, some folks are saluting their favorite “Mandalorian” character by putting their toy Baby Yoda in the coveted spot.
  • Charcuterie Chalets – If arranging your meats and cheeses into a wreath isn’t fancy enough for you, some folks are making gingerbread-style houses but out of salamis, prosciutto and other cured meats.
  • Hot Chocolate Boards – Another take on the charcuterie board, only this time instead of changing up the look of the meats and cheeses, it changes up the food offerings, giving guests a selection of hot cocoa fixings, like marshmallows, chocolates, cinnamon sticks and candy canes.
  • Cottagecore – For some these days, decorating your house with your standard Christmas lights and tinsel just won’t do. The Cottagecore trend has folks decorating their spaces with more earth-inspired items like dried fruits, herbs and flowers.
  • Vertical Christmas Lights – These days more people are opting not to wrap Christmas lights around their tree, and instead hang them vertically, which allows for more sparkle since more lights will be hanging from the tops of branches instead of within the tree.

Source: Fox News