Stolen 1969 Camaro Recovered After 17 Years

A Virginia man whose beloved car was stolen 17 years ago has been reunited with it after all this time. Tommy Cook says his 1969 Camaro was taken from his car repair lot in Woodbridge back in 2003 and he continued to renew its missing status with the Prince William County police in the years since. He was always hopeful he’d see that car again.

“I never wrote that car off,” Cook says. “I knew there would be a day and a time when I would get that car back. I didn’t know where, but I knew it was out there somewhere.”

That day finally came when he was in a garage helping a friend buy another vehicle. Cook spotted a hoodless 1969 Camaro in the corner and checked the VIN number under the hood and found it matched his missing car.

Source: UPI