Owner Reunites With Three-Legged Dog Missing Nearly A Year

After being missing for 10 months, Athena the three-legged dog has been reunited with her grateful owner. Dylan Summers says she disappeared from his Bourbon, Missouri, backyard while she was recovering from having one of her legs amputated after being hit by a car in February 2020. He searched everywhere for his beloved pet, but had no luck.

After nearly a year, Summers decided to search shelters for a new dog to adopt and got the surprise of his life when he found Athena on the website of Gateway Pet Guardians. He reached out to them and found out she had been confiscated from a property earlier in December and was being cared for by a foster family.

“I was so happy to hear that she was safe and doing well, and being reunited with her was incredible,” Summers says. “She is already settled back in at home and it’s like she never left.”

Source: Fox 2 Now