Inmates Raise $32K for Student’s Tuition

After being involved in a prison book club with students from Palma School in Salinas, California, some inmates were moved to help a young man get ahead. Jason Bryant, now a former inmate, led the charge after reading “Miracle on the River Kwai,” which is about prisoners of war who shared everything they had. And he was inspired to do the same.

Bryant and fellow inmate Ted Gray enlisted others to help a struggling student at Palma pay for the private school’s tuition. California inmates make as little as eight-cents an hour at jobs like sweeping floors and building furniture, so it took the group of nearly 800 inmates at Soledad State Prison three long years to raise $32-thousand for tuition, but they did it. The money went to Sy Green, whose parents lost their jobs because of medical emergencies and he’s incredibly grateful for their generosity.

“Incarcerated people were so drawn to, … the idea of going a mile deep in a young man’s life, that they were giving up their month’s pay to contribute,” Bryant explains. “I know those of us who have truly transformed our lives are committed to adding value in any way that we possibly can.”

Source: CBS News