Dog Saves Blind Owner Who Fell In Freezing Brook

An elderly man in Limington, Maine, was rescued from a frigid brook and he has his trusty dog to thank with saving his life. The legally blind 84-year-old was waking with his yellow labrador, Samantha, when he slipped and fell into the freezing water.

As the unnamed man yelled for help, a woman heard him from her house nearby and called the York County Sheriff’s Office. When officers arrived, they found Samantha, who wouldn’t stop barking until one of them followed her to the brook.

Her owner wasn’t able to get out of the water and was getting hypothermia. Officials say his body temperature had dropped to about 84-degrees, but once they found him, they were able to rescue him. And we’re hoping this very good girl got an extra treat for being his hero.

Source: People