Home Bakers Donate Over 1,300 Loaves Of Bread To Food Bank

Many people have been getting busy in the kitchen during the pandemic and some home bakers in Seattle are taking it one step further to give back to their community. College administrator and avid baker Katherine Kehrli started Community Loaves, which has more than 500 members who have been baking bread to donate to a local food bank.

The group has developed a simple recipe for honey oat loaf bread and each batch makes four loaves. Volunteers are encouraged to give three loaves away and keep one, which Kehrli says is a way to “thank them for their time while also paying it forward. Community Loaves has now donated more than 13-hundred loaves of bread to Hopelink, a food bank where demand has been high. In addition to the bread, the group adapted their recipe to make thousands of dinner rolls for Thanksgiving and they baked and donated nearly 4-thousand pecan cookies for the holiday season.

“This project has restored my faith in the collective good that we can actually do,” Kehrli says. “And it restores my faith that we can be more self-determined even in the face of the pandemic.”

Source: Today