“Strict Quarantine” For Matt Damon & Fam Down Under

Looks like Matt Damon and his family – who are currently in Australia while he films “Thor: Love and Thunder” and possibly another project – are being forced to pay for the sins of other celebrities who’ve come to the country. According to Dr. Zac Turner – one of the doctors coordinating his private funded quarantine in the Byron Bay area of Sydney – they need strict new protocols because of unreported security breaches during other celebrity visits.

At this point, the Oscar winner is reportedly paying “hundreds of thousands of dollars” for a meticulous approach to quarantine that included flying into the country by private jet. Even though they quarantined for two weeks prior to the trip and got tested every three days, they still have to quarantine for two more weeks in Sydney. And they’re footing the bill for their own hospital-grade cleaning, private security, police monitoring, staff, meals, and regular medical checks.

Dr. Turner defended the strict regulations by saying, “Whilst there were some big breaches, there are so many things in place … that there were no COVID cases [as a result].”

Source: Sydney Morning Herald