Ravn Alaska Flies Rural Cancer Patients To Treatments For Free

When you live in a remote area in Alaska, getting to a clinic or hospital for cancer treatment can be a challenge. But thanks to one airline in the state, cancer patients are able to fly there at no charge. Ravn Alaska is offering free flights to cancer patients in rural communities who are getting treatment in Anchorage.

The airline offers cancer patients six one-way flights a year within Alaska, as well as two one-way flights a year to go out of state. And medical caregivers get half off their tickets to fly with patients. Ravn Alaska CEO Rob McKinney says it’s an easy thing for them to do to “help those individuals that are already going through so much.”

The generosity from Ravn means many more people make it to their much-needed appointments. “There are hundreds of cancer patients across the state that we could not serve and we could not help without Ravn Alaska’s partnership,” explains Charissa Habeger, community development director at American Cancer Society in Alaska. “We’re able to help patients from all across the state get to where they need to go for their life-saving treatment.”

Source: Alaska News Source