Ford Designs Clear N95 Mask To Help Hearing Impaired

Ford has created two new tools to help fight COVID. Since the beginning of the pandemic, the automaker has manufactured masks, face shields, ventilators and respirators and now they’ve designed a new clear N95 mask to help the hearing-impaired and a low-cost room filtration system.

The reusable face mask allows people to see facial expressions and read lips, which will help hearing-imparied people communicate more easily. Ford will continue testing the masks this winter and if all goes well, production will begin in the spring.

The air filtration system uses a regular household box fan that goes horizontally on a cardboard stand with a filter across it. It draws air down through it and can change the air in a 960-square-foot room approximately 4.5 times an hour to reduce the possibility of virus particles concentrating in a space. And even better? Ford plans to donate 20-thousand of these kits before making the open source design freely available.

Source: Fox News