What Not To Do At Your Next Haircut!

It isn’t easy to find the right person to cut and style your hair, and once you have found the person who takes care of your locks the way you love, you don’t want to get them angry. But there are things that some customers do that drive stylists crazy, and now they are warning you about them.

A recent Reddit thread asked hairdressers “What are some helpful and unhelpful things that clients do?,” and folks on the Internet certainly didn’t hold back.

Responses include:

  • “Don’t ask me take an inch off all over, and then say, ‘We can go from there if I want more.’ That’s asking me to do two haircuts. Come on.”
  • “BE 100% HONEST WITH YOUR COLORIST OR COSMETOLOGIST. I cannot stress this enough. Your hair will melt off if chemicals don’t sync. Virgin hair will react differently than chemically treated hair.”
  • “Lifting your head in the shampoo bowl! Don’t do that… That’s how we end up soaking the back of your shirt!”
  • “Please don’t keep your eyes open when washing. It’s kinda awkward if you know someone is staring right up your nostrils.”
  • “[Don’t come in wearing a hat.] If you wear a hat and take it off, your hair has been pushed into an unnatural position. And a clipper and our combs won’t be able to make it look normal.”
  • “Don’t move your head with us. We move for a reason. Don’t move your head unless we tell you to. Angles are very important. If you move while we are doing something, that angle is now wrong.”
  • “Don’t cross your legs or arms while getting a haircut. You will end up with a lopsided haircut.”
  • “Please don’t talk with your head. It’s frustrating trying to keep the tension on the hair on a client who moves their head just as much as their mouth.”
  • “If you don’t like your haircut, just be nice and to the point. Most of us will want to help and fix it for you.”
  • “Your hair doesn’t need to be dirty for me to style it. In fact, I would REALLY prefer if it was clean.”
  • “Finally, and this is important, do not moan while we wash your hair. Just don’t.”

Source: Buzzfeed