Woman Reunited With Lost Wedding Ring After 48 Years

A Texas woman who lost her wedding ring in Chicago nearly 50 years ago finally has it back. Karen Autenrieth and her family were in Chicago visiting her grandmother back in 1973 and as she was getting her three kids into the car, her ring flew off her finger and landed in the snow. She searched for it immediately and again after the snow melted, but she never found it.

Autenrieth and her husband had their matching wedding bands engraved with their initials and their wedding date on the inside and that’s ultimately what helped her get it back. A man posted on Facebook that he’d lost his wedding ring in the Chicago snow and one of his friends commented that she’d found a wedding ring while gardening years before. Another stranger saw the comment and tagged the local Ridge Historical Society to see if they could help.

The group searched through ancestry websites, newspaper archives and real estate records for the house where the ring was found, eventually tracking down Autenrieth’s grandfather, then her. They mailed it to her and she said she was waiting until Valentine’s Day to open the package containing her long-lost wedding ring.

Source: Fox News