Man Donates Kidney To Save Stranger’s Life

A New Mexico man saved a young woman’s life by donating a kidney to someone he didn’t even know. Jenna Franks was diagnosed with a rare disorder during her senior year of high school and was in kidney failure. She desperately needed a transplant, so her mom, Karol, turned to social media to find a donor for her daughter.

Gary Frey saw a Facebook post from a friend saying their goddaughter needed a kidney, so he volunteered to do it. The retired Marine and volunteer firefighter was tested, but wasn’t a match for Jenna. But he still ended up saving her because he got into a paired exchange program. It allowed Frey to donate his kidney to a stranger and then Jenna was able to receive a kidney from a living donor when one became available.

The waiting process took three years and Jenna’s family is extremely grateful for Frey’s selfless act, but he says he was just doing the right thing. “This is how I was raised with my dad,” he explains. “He taught us to do what we can to help people out.”

Source: KOB4