Fisherman Saves Two After Truck Falls Through Ice

An ice fisherman in Minnesota may not have caught a lot of fish on Monday, but he did save two lives. Chad Schmidt was inside his ice shack on Lake Traverse when he heard something outside and looked out to see a pickup truck plunge through the ice.

He ran to his truck, grabbed a tow strap and rushed to the hole in the ice. Schmidt was able to use the strap to pull up 56-year-old Pete Katalinas and 72-year-old Lloyd Nelson. The men refused medical attention, but admitted to Traverse County Sheriff Trevor Wright that their rescuer arrived in the nick of time because they were “almost out of gas” while trying to stay afloat.

If Schmidt hadn’t been there, the sheriff says, “We probably would have had one, maybe two fatalities.” He’s trying to arrange a lifesaving award for Schmidt and says he was in the right place at the right time to save two lives.

Source: KARE 11