Woman Finds Purple Heart At Thrift Store, Returns To Vets Family

While volunteering at the Christian Family Care Thrift Store in Phoenix, Arizona, Teresa Ferrin made an interesting find in the donations. Someone had dropped off items including military awards and a Purple Heart, which is a medal presented to service members who have been injured or killed in the line of duty.

Ferrin was able to decipher the name on the back of the medal: Erik Karl Blauberg. She started doing detective work and found out he was a Korean War veteran who died in 1988 and was able to get in touch with several of his eight children, including Lisa Walker. The kids had been estranged from their father and had no idea he had received the Purple Heart, so they were grateful to Ferrin for getting it to them because it’s one of the only things they have of his.

As far as Ferrin is concerned, it was the right thing to do, especially since her own dad also served in the Korean War. “I thought, if it was my father’s, I’d certainly want someone to return it to me,” she explains. “I just felt the family needed to have that.”

Source: Fox News