Sarah Silverman Apologizes To Paris Hilton For 2007 Jail Joke

After Paris Hilton spoke up about how comedians dragged her about her 2007 jail stint, Sarah Silverman responded on The Sarah Silverman Podcast.

In case you missed it, the reality star-turned-celebrity DJ said that the jokes Sarah made at her expense at the 2007 MTV Movie Awards were disgusting, cruel, and mean. “I was so shocked and surprised because I’d actually met her a few years before when I was at an event and she couldn’t be nicer. So sweet, the This is Paris podcast host shared. “I knew I was about to check myself into jail in a couple hours [so I was] trying to be brave. To sit in the audience with her just literally publicly humiliating me, being so mean, so cruel [about my prison time], I was sitting there wanting to die. I was trying to hold back my tears so hard. I had tears welling in my eyes, I wanted to run out of the entire room, but I just was trying to be strong and sit there, and the whole audience is laughing and she would not stop. It was so painful.”

Sarah admitted that she’d been wrong for the jokes – even though everyone was laughing. “While I was thrilled at the success of my monologue, I remember spotting her in the audience, I really do,” she said. “I remember seeing that look on her face and my heart sank because there was a person under there.” Although she claimed that she sent her an apology at the time, Paris said she never got it. “So here I am 14 years later, telling you, Paris, that I am really sorry,” she said. “I was then and I am much more completely, and with more understanding, I think, now. I can’t imagine what you were going through at that time.”

Source: The Sarah Silverman Podcast