Vanessa Bryant Wins Against SoCal Sheriffs In Photo Case

Vanessa Bryant has scored an important win in her case against the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department. A judge ruled that she could get the names of the deputies who allegedly took and distributed photos from Kobe Bryant’s crash site.

As we told you, Vanessa’s logic was that if it was okay to release her late husband’s name when he was facing sexual assault allegations back in 2003, it should be okay to release the deputies’ names, too. Lawyers for the defense argued that releasing the names would increase the chances they would be targeted by hackers and the photos would be released to tabloids.

US District Judge John F. Walter agreed with Vanessa. “Although the Court recognizes that this case has been the subject of public scrutiny and media attention and that the Deputy Defendants are legitimately concerned that they will encounter vitriol and social media attacks, such concerns, by themselves, are not sufficient to outweigh the public’s strong interest in access,” he said in his ruling.

Source: Los Angeles Times