FL Teen Saves Baby Using CPR Learned At School

A high school junior in Crestview, Florida, was finishing his shift at a Thai restaurant when he became a hero. Savion Harris was at work last week when the owner of the business came running in yelling for someone to help her six-month-old baby. The infant was unresponsive, had turned blue and wasn’t breathing when Harris called 911.

The teen jumped into action, taking the baby and starting CPR, which he learned in school. “I did two good compressions and the baby started crying, so I knew he was getting oxygen to his lungs,” Harris explains. “The color started returning to his face and at that point, the ambulance arrived.”

Harris received his CPR certification as part of Crestview High School’s Career and Technical Education Program. He plans to attend Florida State University and after graduating from their medical program, he wants to become a trauma nurse.

Source: People