Canadian Restaurant Gives Out 32K Free Meals

A restaurant in Edmonton, Canada, has been feeding people in need since the pandemic started and they have no plans to stop. Last April, Dil-E-Punjab began offering about 35 free meals a day for anyone who was hungry, no questions asked. These days, they’re giving out 100 free meals a day and over the last year, they’ve given away a total of 32-thousand meals.

Manager Sufyan Asif says the menu changes daily and the only thing they ask of people who want a meal is to let them know they’re coming, so they make enough food. Community donations help cover the cost of the meals and community members, like Christina Usborne, help get more people fed. She delivers more than 100 meals a week from the restaurant to people who are experiencing homelesness.

“I had been in this situation myself with homelesness,” she explains. “And I can make a difference in a small way and help provide meals to a few people. It’s 100 people that are fed every week.” And as long as there are hungry people, this restaurant will keep feeding them for free.

Source: Global News