NH Mom Adopts Three Siblings After Four Years In Foster Care

After spending four years in the foster care system, three siblings in New Hampshire have found their forever home. Jennifer Tveter has been a foster parent to Jonathan, 10, Madeline, eight, and Benjamin, six, since 2019 and she says she fell in love with them as soon as she met them. She says the kids weren’t legally available for adoption then, but as soon as she could, she filed to adopt them.

The siblings have been separated before in foster care and Tveter wanted to make sure that they stayed together. She is also mom to five-month-old Finnegan and though having four kids keeps her busy, she says, “My heart is even fuller than my hands.” Their adoption was final this week and their community in Derry celebrated with a car parade and Tveter rented a bouncy house.

The kids loved seeing their friends and teachers drive by to cheer for them, but mostly they’re just glad to know they’re going to be together forever. Madeline says the adoption “means I have a family and we can never get taken away and never get separated,” adding, “and we can live happily ever after.”

Source: The Boston Globe