Marine Reunites With Puppy He Rescued While Deployed

U.S. Marine Brandon Carroll was deployed overseas in the country of Georgia last year when he found six newborn puppies that were abandoned. The Marines cared for and fed the pups and Carroll formed a connection with one he called Lady.

He became more attached to her as time went on, but when he came back home, he had to say goodbye to Lady. Luckily, they weren’t apart for too long. Thanks to the SPCA International’s program “Operation Baghdad Pups,” Lady has been reunited with Carroll. U.S. military regulations don’t allow animals on official transportation, and alternate animal transportation is usually expensive, so without this opportunity, Carroll wasn’t sure he’d ever see Lady again.

Now the six-month-old dog is getting used to her home in Indianapolis and Carroll and his wife are so happy to have her. “She really stole my heart,” the Marine says. The five other puppies have also been reunited with U.S. Marines across the country and since 2013, the SPCA International has reunited more than 1-thousand animals with service members.

Source: WTOL