Stranger’s Generosity Helps Homeless Man Get Job

A stranger’s act of kindness to a homeless man has kicked off a string of good deeds for him. It started a few months ago, when Kenneth Smith was homeless and sitting in a chair outside an Outback Steakhouse in Fort Worth. A customer asked him if he was alright and when he told her, “No I am not okay at this time,” she gave him a $100 gift card to the restaurant so he could buy dinner.

While Smith was eating, he met the managing partner, Laura Hodges. She told him she wanted to make sure he didn’t go hungry and gave him her business card. Over the next few months, he stopped by a few times for a warm meal and last month, he asked her for a job and started bussing tables at the restaurant.

Hodges knew Smith also needed somewhere to stay, so she asked for recommendations for an affordable motel on the Fort Worth Foodies Facebook group. But the community stepped up, raising more than $2-thousand to book Smith a six-week stay at a nearby hotel. They also donated clothing, kitchen items, groceries and a bicycle to help him out. “I think it’s so much of a good blessing,” Smith says. And Hodges agrees, adding, “I’m blown away by the generosity of people.”

Source: WFAA