Tampa Zoo Animals May Get COVID-19 Vaccine In Summer Or Fall

Can animals catch coronavirus from people? So far, the science says yes. In fact, several gorillas at the San Diego Zoo tested positive for COVID-19, which led to the zoo them vaccinating four orangutans and five bonobos. Last week, an otter tested positive at the Georgia Aquarium.

Now, the Tampa Zoo is jumping on board, planning to use the Zoetis vaccine for some of their animals to help protect the species that are most likely to catch the virus from the public when the zoo reopens.

Since the pandemic began, millions of minks have been culled after they were found to have the virus. Also, a study published in the Veterinary Record just last week found some evidence that the virus can even pass from humans to cats, and other studies found that dogs could catch it.

The Zoetis vaccine is the only one developed for animals, and there are plans to roll it out nationwide in the coming months.

Source: New York Post