Elliot Page Has Always Known He’s A Boy

Elliot Page is living his truth since coming out as a transgender man. In a new feature for “Vanity Fair,” the actor says he’s always known he was a boy, ever since he was a “little kid.”

The “Juno” star notes that “all trans people are so different” in their personal journeys, and that “my story’s absolutely just my story.” Page says he knew he was a boy when he was just a toddler, remembering writing “fake love letters” and signing them “Jason.”

“Now I’m finally getting myself back to feeling like who I am, and it’s so beautiful and extraordinary, and there’s a grief to it in a way,” he adds. “I feel so grateful to be at this place in my life, and I want to use the strength I have to help in all the ways that I can.”

Source: Vanity Fair