Nile Rodgers Has 11 TVs on 24 Hours A Day To Help Him Make Music

Nile Rodgers says in a new interview that “music is at the heart of everything” he does, and his brain is always so busy composing he needs to add distractions to his life in order to really create something great.

“I think in music, not words, and I have this hyperactive music machine for a brain, which is a blessing and curse,” he tells “The Sunday Times.” “It’s always composing, but don’t get me wrong: it’s not always good stuff. Most of it is ridiculous stuff but, boy, does it have me interested.”

Nile says in order to distract himself so he can “narrow (his) focus,” he turns to TV. “I have televisions switched on all over my house 24 hours a day, creating a white noise in the background,” he shares. “The cable company says I have the most TVs in one house — it’s 11 right now — of anyone they’ve ever known, but I just can’t function without that distraction.”