Woody Harrelson ‘Insisted’ On Helping Complete Strangers Move Out Of Apartment

Woody Harrelson is a good samaritan. He helped a couple of strangers in New York City move out of their apartment over the weekend in a total “only in New York” moment.

“Wall Street Journal” reporter Alex Janin told the story in a tweet that’s gone viral. She and her boyfriend Grant Jefferson were loading their stuff into a U-Haul when Harrelson happened to pass by and chat them up. Next thing they knew, he “insisted” on helping them move. Jefferson is realizing being famous doesn’t “harden you or make you pretentious,” saying Harrelson had “total dad vibes.”

Janin has shared a photo with the actor on Twitter – and some folks can’t take their eyes off the plant Harrelson is carrying, which is in pretty poor shape. Janin says Harrelson also noticed, and told her to “water it more.” Check it out below.

Source: Huffington Post