Missing Hiker Rescued After Two Days In Woods

A missing hiker in Oregon has been found safe after he got lost on a trail and spent two nights in the wilderness. Joseph Dean tells officials he was planning to hike a 12-mile loop, but got lost halfway through. Rescue crews used cell phone data to identify a general search area and found him near the Rock of Ages Ridge, according to the Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office.

Dean didn’t plan to be in the woods overnight, but he did bring thermal leggings, a jacket and a balaclava on his hike, as well as some snacks, which all came in handy. The 71-year-old was able to talk and walk with assistance when he was found, authorities report. And he was reunited with his family before heading to the hospital for a medical evaluation.

“I’ve always said he’s the person I want to be stuck out overnight with by accident,” Dean’s son, William Dean says. “So I’m really glad he was able to get out of there.”

Source: KATU