Cat Survives Leap From Fifth Floor To Escape Fire

A cat tested out one of its nine lives when a fire broke out in a Chicago apartment building. A video posted to Twitter by Chicago Fire Department officials shows smoke billowing from several windows on the fifth floor of the building and while crews were working hard to put out the blaze, onlookers below were focused on the cat approaching an open window.

Fire department spokesman Larry Langford says bystanders on the sidewalk were pointing to the cat, who stood looking out of the fifth floor window for a while before getting closer to the edge. “It looked like she was getting ready to go and she just did,” he explains.

The cat is seen stretching its paws out as it leaps and narrowly misses hitting a wall on its way down, the video shows. The cat appears to bounce once off a patch of grass before strolling away. Langford says the cat wasn’t hurt and officials were trying to track down its owner.

Source: Chicago Sun Times