Kentucky Tattoo Artists Cover Hate-Filled Tattoos For Free

A couple of tattoo artists in Kentucky are working to rid the world of hate, one tattoo at a time. Ryun King and his colleagues at Gallery X Art Collective in Murray say it all started with an Instagram post last June. “If you have a racist tattoo and you want it gone, I’ll cover it for free,” it reads. “No questions asked.”

When the artists were allowed to resume business last summer, the idea for Cover the Hate was born, they just didn’t expect such a huge response. The crew has received requests from people all over the world who want to cover up racist tattoos they now regret. King dedicates every Thursday to this effort and says his waitlist is still “probably 10 to 20 years” long. To help get to everyone, he’s enlisted help from eight or nine other shops in the area.

King says the relief his clients feel to have the hate-filled tattoos gone is almost immediate and many even cry as they can finally let that go. He says it’s all about “seeing them go through that change” and being able to get away from “the ugly reminder of their past.”

Source: Fox News