High School Freshman Starts Scholarship For Kids With Learning Differences

A teen showing you’re never too young to see a need and come up with a solution to fix it. Scott Pawley is a freshman at Calvert Hall College High School in Towson, Maryland, and when he was researching a scholarship for himself, he found out there was no scholarship for students with learning differences and financial need who are enrolled in the Archdiocese of Baltimore’s Special Education and Inclusion programs.

Pawley then approached the Knott Scholarship Council and asked if a scholarship to benefit those students could be created. After several conversations and fundraising drives, the 15-year-old’s idea was approved. And the idea of giving back just comes naturally to him.

“I just think it’s good to help other people,” Pawley explains. “I’d hope if I were in a position that I’d need help, somebody else would help me, so I think it’s good to pay it forward.”

Source: CBS Baltimore