Margera & Tremaine Beef It Out

Families can be raucous and no different is the occasion when that family is one derived from creation. The guys from the hit MTV series and now Film franchise “Jackass” are all-too familiar with type of dynamic- from interventions to cast members (Steve-O) to tear-filled goodbyes like the farewell episode for Ryan Dunn who tragically passed away in 2011. Now sites are set on Bam, longtime collaborator and best friends to Dunn who he himself has been landed in the hot seat on such appearances as Dr. Phil, where his own behavior has come into question.

This last disagreement between Tremaine & Knoxville, director(s) and cast-member respectively, and Margera when the two planned an intervention with Bam and the rest of the team- Margera went on a tirade against Tremaine and Johnny Knoxville for “betraying [and] rejecting” him. Steve-O spoke up, saying “everyone bent over backwards” to get Margera in “Jackass 4” but that the star wouldn’t stop “getting loaded.” But it turns out Margera didn’t stop there – Tremaine claims he started getting death threats for dropping him from the movie.

Tremaine says he is in “great fear” for himself and his family’s safety. Docs obtained by “People” include screenshots of texts allegedly sent by Margera, where he says he meant threats against Tremaine’s kids “from the bottom of my heart.” He’s been granted an order that expires on June 15th.

Source: People