Online DNA Test Reunites Long-Lost Sisters

Sometimes taking that chance makes all of the difference- and that is exactly what Miss Vorhees did when submitting a DNA test to 23andme. Without knowing what to expect and knowing just a hand-full of details; her date of birth and place she was born, Pheonix, Arizona- she went for it! Victoria Vorhees was shocked not only to find a match but that they looked so much alike!

It turns out, her sister, 28-year-old Alyss Ravae, had been searching for her all this time as well. “My mom told me when I was 9 that I had a biological sister that came from both my same parents, and so I’ve always tried to look for her,” explains Ravae.

They look alike and share interests to boot! From reading Stephen King, enjoying Halloween, and oddly a shared bat tattoo on their ankles, it’s uncanny and an amazing chance. What would you do if you had a random sibling?

Source: New York Post