Paul Takes Mayweather…Without A Knockout

For whatever it’s worth, the highly-anticipated match between boxing legend Floyd Mayweather and social media star Logan Paul is finally in the books – and no one other than Mayweather and Paul appears to be happy about the result. But more on that in a second.

While they did go the distance in their exhibition bout – clashing for the full eight rounds in front of the crowd at Hard Rock Stadium. By the numbers, Mayweather landed 40% of his total strikes to just 13% for Paul. But it’s the lack of K-O that’s ticking people off as much as amusing others. Fans even booed the result.

And then there’s the hugging…there was A LOT of hugging between Mayweather and Paul. In a post-fight interview, Mayweather said he had fun. “I had fun. You’ve got to realize, I’m not 21 anymore but it’s good to move around with these guys and test my skills just to have fun.” Guaranteed money aside, both men are cashing big checks. According to reports, Mayweather is taking home $132-million, while Paul’s bank account is getting fattened by about $30-million.

  • Also on the card, former NFL wide receiver Chad Johnson. He made his ring debut and went the distance against Brian Maxwell. That fight was at least a little more satisfying – Johnson was knocked down in the fourth and final round.
  • Someone else absolutely cleaning up? Showtime. Viewer demand caused Showtime’s servers to crash – creating outages for some consumers on the Pay-Per-View service and its streaming apps. Time will tell what their final tally is.

Source: MMA Fighting