Elizabeth Olsen May Have Secretly Gotten Hitched

Is Elizabeth Olsen married? That’s what folks think after her new interview with Kaley Cuoco for “Variety’s” Actors on Actors series.

During the interview, the “WandaVision” star explains that she’s sitting down for the chat with Cuoco in her bathroom. She’s been living in the United Kingdom, and says she moved the interview to the bathroom since her neighbor is doing “so much construction”… and then she lets something slip that caught fans’ ears.

Looking around the bathroom, Olsen notices that her “cutie” fiancé Robbie Arnett put a “Little Miss Magic” book in the background for her interview. Except she doesn’t call him her fiancé, she refers to Arnett as her “husband.” They’ve been engaged since 2019, so it could be that they finally tied the knot. Check out a clip to the right.

Source: Variety