Allison Mack Insists She’s Turned Life Around, Asks For No Jail Time

“Smallville” star Allison Mack helped convict NXIVM sex cult leader Keith Raniere. After prosecutors asked the judge for a reduced sentence for the actress, she’s now pushing to avoid jailtime altogether.

As her June 30th sentencing looms, Mack has apologies for her actions in a letter to the judge. Shesays she was “brainwashed” by Raniere, and got sucked into his supposed “mentorship” thinking she was on the path to enlightenment. She calls her involvement with Raniere and NXIVM her “biggest mistake and regret,” and insists she’s “turned her life around since.”

Since her arrest, Mack has reconnected with her family, worked for a catering business, and pursued an education at University of California Berkeley. Therefore, she’s asking the court to allow her to keep on that “path of growth and reform” by keeping her out of jail. Read her full statement HERE.

Source: Variety