Jamie Lynn Spears Comes Out Swinging For Sister Britney

It’s been a few days since Britney Spears testified at her conservatorship hearing, and her sister Jamie Lynn Spears is finally speaking out in support of her big sis. She’s come out swinging for Britney in an emotional video posted to her Instagram story.

Jamie Lynn says that first and foremost, she’s Britney’s sister. That’s who she’s always been for Britney, and that’s who she’ll always be – with or without “hashtags on a public platform.” Jamie Lynn adds she has “nothing to gain or lose” when it comes to the conservatorship. She’s only concerned about Britney’s happiness – whether the pop star wants to “run away to a rainforest and have a zillion babies in the middle of nowhere, or come back and dominate the world the way she’s done so many times.”

As for why she hasn’t spoken out until now, Jamie Lynn says it just didn’t feel like her place until Britney did so herself. She adds that she doesn’t “owe the public anything,” noting Britney is “the only person I owe anything to.” Check out a clip to the right.

Sources tell Hollywood Life that Britney is “relieved” to have finally spoken out about what’s been happening to her. “She’s relieved to have finally been able to speak her truth,” the insider notes. “She loves her family so much, and she wants to protect them, but at the same time, she’s ready to be free of them.” The source adds, Brit “feels like a child who never has been able to grow up, and she finally has the opportunity to take control of her life.”

Source: Jamie Lynn Spears