Apple Watch Saves Woman After “Widow Maker” Heart Attack

A Michigan woman is alive and well today and she gives all the credit to her Apple Watch. Diane Feenstra saw a high heart rate warning on the watch, it was 169 beats per minute, despite not doing anything more vigorous than walking up 12 steps that day. A visit to urgent care confirmed that she had a recent heart attack, and she wasn’t even aware it had happened.

Heart attack symptoms are different for women and Feenstra had only experienced some pain in her left hand, a little swelling in her left foot and she had what she thought was acid reflux. Days later, she was diagnosed with a blockage in the “widow maker artery” and had it repaired with a stent procedure.

Without the heart rate warning from her Apple Watch, Feenstra wouldn’t have known to get medical help. “It’s such an easy thing to see what your heart rate is,” she says. “Had I not done that that morning, who knows, but I may have had another heart attack that would have been fatal.”

Source: Apple Insider