Most Younger Parents Want To Be “Friends” With Their Children

Being a parent can often mean being the bad guy when you have to discipline your child, but it turns out many moms and dads don’t want their kids to see them in such a negative light.

A new UK survey, which could easily translate here, finds:

  • Most younger parents would rather their kids look at them as friends rather than parents.
  • 73% say they prefer a “play and joke” parenting style rather than being a strict part.
  • 87% believe it’s better for their kids mental health if they have a playful relationship with them.
  • 75% of parents would rather their kids have fun than be on their best behavior.
  • But the same can’t be said for older parents.
  • In fact, only 37% of older parents looked at their child as a friend.
  • 25% think treating children as friends is a “lazy” style of parenting.
  • Most older parents think a playful style of parenting leads to:
    • A child who won’t know boundaries when they grow up (29%)
    • A child with lack of respect (29%).

So what are some of the biggest differences when it comes to parenting styles?

  • Well, some of the most common parenting techniques today include:
    • Rewarding good behavior
    • Giving your child enough independence for them to learn from their mistakes
    • Making time for silliness and playfulness with your child
    • Making room for connection time
    • Helping them label and identify their feelings
    • Using bad behavior as a learning opportunity
    • Ignoring mild disobedience
  • In contrast, common parenting techniques 30 years ago include:
    • Teaching respect for elders
    • Stand by the rule ‘you don’t get everything you want’
    • Giving them chores to do around the house
    • Insisting everyone ate together
    • Good discipline
    • Sending them to their room

Source: SWNS Digital