Scientist Believes Marriage To Robots Will Be Accepted By End Of Century

If you’re having trouble finding the love of your life, you may just want to wait a few years, because according to a scientist, there will be more options than just human companions.

Dr. David Levy, author of the book “Love And Sex With Robots,” insists sex and relationships with robots may become commonplace in the next 30 years, and he believes there will be no stigma attached to marrying a robot by the end of the century.

“Just as it is now accepted in most countries we can marry people of the same sex, so will sex robots become accepted,” he says, noting that in the future robot sex dolls will be able to develop personalities and hold conversations, “on any level of sophistication.” He adds, “People will eventually be falling in love with and having sex with robots.”

Levy predicts the “first sophisticated sex robots” will start appearing around 2050, but believes it will take another 50 years for people to consider relationships with robots “normal.”

Source: The Sun