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Jeffree Star Announces New Ownership Of A Private Wyoming Ranch:

Jeffree Star is officially out of California. The makeup mogul just posted three photos on Instagram, showing off his new “Star Yak Ranch” in Casper, Wyoming. According to his caption, the move will permanently allow for some “peace and quiet” and he says the ranch has already helped him heal. Star also gave a shout-out to his “growing family” of Yaks and announced he’s been filming at his new “little slice of heaven” and will be sharing it soon.


Ethan Klein Receives Backlash After Calling Out James Charles’ Arcade Trip:

Ethan Klein is catching a lot of heat from fans after calling out James Charles for posting a photo featuring a wardrobe malfunction. Klein took to Twitter to share a pic of the beauty YouTuber posing inside an arcade and joked that it was strange to see Charles attempting to “repair his image of being a predator of young boys by hanging out […] where young boys frequent with his fly down.” The tweet has earned him over 44K likes but also several fans calling Klein out for “reaching.”


Famous TikTok Dog Pudgy Passes Away:

TikTok is flooding with tributes to Pudgy the dog, whose owner has confirmed that the viral pooch has sadly passed away. Pudgy captured the Internet’s hearts with his iconic “Owa Owa” bark, raking in over 12-million followers on TikTok. But after fans didn’t hear from the pup for a while, Pudgy’s owner Malachy James uploaded a YouTube video sharing the sad news that Pudgy has passed away. He explains that they were out for a walk when they came across another dog who wasn’t so friendly, “instantly attacking Pudgy.” Pudgy was rushed to the animal hospital with severe injuries, and ultimately James made the difficult decision to put him down.


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