Missing Cat Reunites With Owner After Six Year Search

After six long years, a lost cat has finally been reunited with his owner. Mini Max escaped through a loose window screen in his owner Margaret Kudzma’s Massachusetts home. That was back in August 2015 and she was devastated.

The grieving owner actively searched for Mini Max and never gave up hope of finding him. Kudzma started a Facebook page for her missing cat that she turned into a nonprofit humane organization called The Rescue Business, which helps protect and care for homeless cats and provide support to their owners. While she helped many other cats, she continued to search for Mini Max, even hiring a pet psychic and a search dog to help locate him.

And in July, a family found Mini Max and took him to a veterinarian, who scanned him for a microchip. He is now back at home with Kudzma and she is so grateful. “Mini Max’s disappearance brought together a community of cat lovers and rescuers and saved countless lives of cats,” she says. “I cried when I first received the call that he had been found.”

Source: Fox News