From Zoom Fatigue to Room Fatigue

Did you think the transition back to normal was going to be easy? Sorry. We’ve simply gone from one pile of craziness to the next. As we say goodbye to “Zoom Fatigue” we say hello to “room fatigue.”

The awkward, uncomfortable, and exhausting feelings we had communicating digitally have now been replaced with awkward, uncomfortable, and exhausting feelings with communicating in person again.

So if you’re feeling drained, you should know that you’re not the only one and psychologist Doreen Dodgen-Magee says it’s totally normal. As she sees it, “Any time we face situations that require us to engage a new, or atrophied skill, we are likely to feel irritable and/or to lack confidence in our skills.” Here are her tips for the transition back to communicating face-to-face again:

  • Plan ahead. Don’t be afraid to Google some conversation starters and lean on them when you need an icebreaker. Your abilities to just “go with the flow” or feel out a conversation are probably lacking right now.
  • Take it slow. The sad truth is it’s best to keep on including some lockdown/isolation time in your schedule. Not only for safety but so that you don’t completely drain your social batteries.
  • Keep a sense of humor. One of the best things you can do to ease your awkwardness right now is to avoid taking yourself too seriously. Keeping things light-hearted is a good way to help yourself and get the person you’re talking to empathize with you. After all, they’re probably feeling awkward as hell too.

Source: Psychology Today