Sisters Separated As Babies Find Each Other After 20 Years

A pair of sisters who were separated in the foster care system as infants never gave up hope of finding each other as adults. And after two decades apart, Brittanny Bigley, 31, and Amanda Stiles, 29 were finally reunited and they are overjoyed.

They lost touch when Brittanny’s biological father gained custody of her and their foster family legally adopted Amanda. They grew up knowing they had a sibling, but it was tough to track each other down because of limited information from the closed adoption, a legal name change, and growing up in different states.

Brittany’s father also passed away, which became another obstacle in their search. But one of his ex-girlfriends who had worked in the foster care system pulled some strings and helped her find a missing piece of the puzzle – her sister’s new last name. From there, Brittanny found Amanda on Facebook and learned her sister had also been searching for her for years. The sisters reconnected online, and then in person in an emotional reunion.

“The only way to truly describe that day is to use the word magical, because that’s exactly what it was,” Amanda says. Now the sisters are enjoying being in each other’s lives and they plan to co-write a book about their experience.

Source: Fox News