Anonymous Kidney Donor Helps Mom In Need Of Transplant

A North Carolina woman who spent more than five years on the Duke transplant waiting list is finally going to get the kidney she needs. Katrina Paschall has been searching for a donor on her own as well, doing everything from putting out yard signs to driving around with decals on her car and starting a Kidney For Katrina Facebook page.

And earlier this month, she received a call from her nurse coordinator at the Duke Transplant Center that an anonymous donor is a match and Katrina will be getting her new kidney in October. She doesn’t know if she’ll ever get to meet her donor, but she hopes the donor agrees to it after the surgery. Until then, she’s looking forward to things she’ll finally get to do afterwards, like take her son to the beach without having to get dialysis on vacation.

“I’m thankful, just very thankful that someone was so selfless that they thought enough to donate and to give and to help save my life,” Katrina says. “I feel lucky and blessed to have this opportunity.”

Source: ABC 11